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Don't Forget To Pack Your Travel Insurance. Buy Your Policy Online,
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Travel insurance may offset your travel investment if you are forced
to cancel your trip, return home early, seek medical treatment, and
more when you are traveling. Common examples are:

  • Passports or wallet stolen – where do you get emergency cash
    or your passport replaced?

  • A family member becomes seriously ill and you choose not to
    travel – how can you recoup your money?

  • You arrive at your destination but your luggage does not – if it’s
    only delayed, who pays for your necessities and if it never
    arrives, how do you replace all those new clothes you bought
    for your trip?

You or your traveling companion are involved in an accident or
perhaps become very ill during your trip and adequate medical
treatment is not available – who will assist in arranging and paying
for a medical evacuation?

All of us think that these things will never happen to us, but the
reality is that they do occur thousands of times every year. For travel
insurance options, click

If you choose not to purchase Travel Insurance,  Liz Elegant Travel
agent will submit to you a waiver Insurance Form.  
We highly
recommend the purchase of Trip Cancellation Insurance.
Travel Insurance
Travel the World
Outside of the Box
Travel the World
Outside of the Box
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Travel the World
Outside of the Box
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